Your school is our top priority.

Defining your school's characteristics is essential, if not imperative, in understanding the opportunities available to each student.  Our platform is here to guide and support you in the development of your school profile.

Your Benefits

Easy to Collaborate

We have worked to create a streamlined system to share the essential and unique components of your school.  College and universities can easily locate and contact your school. Understanding your school and students no longer takes endless hours.  

Easy to Use

We have listened and our team has created a platform based directly on schools, colleges and educational professionals.  No longer does one person create the School Profile.  This platform is easy to add, delete, edit and save.  Publishing Your School Profile happens when you're ready. 

Easy to Share

The School Profile has 'historically' been a static document created and held by someone at the school site.  The YourSchoolProfile platform is changing the way schools share information.  Create your Contact Page and Add Your School Profile information.

It's as simple as that.

Get in Touch With Our Staff to Learn More

Our main goal is to support you as you gather, develop and share your school profile with the public.  Your school profile will remain private until you authorize for public viewing.

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