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  • What is a School Profile?

    A School Profile is a document that details the essential elements of a school for evaluation of a student’s academic records. A School Profile brings context to a student’s academic and educational experience. In order for a reviewer to best understand a student’s coursework, experiences and context of their education, that reviewer must fully understand the averages of the school’s data, the demographics of the school, the location of the school and the academic programs of a school.

  • What to do if I have any questions about editing, creating or finding my School Profile?

    We have developed the Your School Profile platform to help create, store and share your School Profile.  If you have any issues related to any aspect of the site you can reach out to us in any of the following ways:

    1.  The Contact Page
    2.  The Chat Feature on the Your School Profile site
    3.  Or directly to

    As we have developed this innovative platform from a concept, an idea and, most importantly from our school based colleagues, we know that we will be continually editing and adding to this platform.  We want to ensure that that we this platform is ‘easy to use’ and we look forward to your input and advice as we hone and fine tune the Your School Profile site.

  • How will our school be found on the Your School Profile Platform?

    Your school can easily be found by using the search tool at the top of the main page entitled,  Find a School Profile. 
    Once you click on that link, you’ll come to this page:

    Write in a name of a school and you can either:

    a.  Ask for edit access
    b.  Download the School Profile

    If you have any questions, just chat with or email us at

  • What are the benefits of using the Your School Profile Platform?

    We see that the benefits of using the Your School Profile is obvious.  But, we are biased !  We wanted to create ONE place where a School Profile could be:

    1. Created
    2. Stored
    3. Shared
    4. Downloaded

    And, voila! we’ve created this.  What we’ve also done is try to streamline the process of the entire creation and sharing process.  The entire platform is free to use until you want to download a School Profile.  The cost is listed in the download area and we’ve done our best to make it nominal.

    Happy creating!

  • Why should I use the Your School Profile Platform?

    We created the Your School Profile for a few reasons but the most important background of this platform’s development was to streamline the School Profile creation, sharing and downloading process, while also making this process simple for the school counselor.

    A bit more to share:

    Each school’s School Profile has been created uniquely.  The School Profile has historically been a document where a school counselor  gathers the school’s unique data and then applies it to the word template, the google doc or if the school has enlisted a graphic designer, created a beautifully captured School Profile.

    Well, the recipient of the School Profile, whether it is a college or university, or another school or even a community member or parent, just wants the data, the core information about a school, to then make an informed decision. We heard from our constituents that the School Profile was hard to find and that the transcript, when sent, rarely included this contextual information.

    So, we wanted to mainstream the process.  We wanted to create a platform where all School Profiles captured the core information and the unique facets of the School Profile were characterized by the data (and color selection of the document!).

    We have embedded over 100,000 schools from elementary, to middle, to high school in our database.  While we don’t have every school listed, we tried our best to gather schools from National databases.  But, if you school isn’t listed, it’s easy to just create an account an add your school.

    We’re here to help and we’re going to provide helpful tips along the way.  We recognize our growth and look forward to your insight and feedback.

    Your YSP Team

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