Our Brief History

Our founder worked as a school counselor for over twenty years. During those years, the School Profile was like the counseling department's 'hot potato'. No one wanted to edit it, create it or even locate the previous year's School Profile.

This platform has been years in the making and has had many iterations. We hope that you find the platform seamless to use and that annually, the editor can locate it for updating.

Our Story

We have been where you have been. Taking the precious time away from students and parents to create, edit and publish Your School Profile. The Your School Profile platform was created to make each aspect of the school profile creation process seamless. We hope you feel that we’ve given you back time to work with your students, and for those seeking the School Profile, a seamless way to locate what you are seeking.

Why is the School Profile important? The School Profile provides context to a student’s educational experience. School counselors understand this and those within educational settings understand that reviewing a student’s record within context is essential to providing educational equity. This is the essence behind why Your School Profile™ was created.

Our founder wanted to provide a process, a system by which a School Profile could be simply, readily and seamless created and edited. Simultaneously, there was a desire to make the system robust enough to search for any school.


Over the years, in the development of the Your School Profile™ platform, we have learned what is essential in understanding what school counseling teams need. But, even as we understand what is needed now, we continue to look into the future and collaboratively work without school based counseling teams to fully understand what is needed and how we can support those needs in the development and sharing of a school’s School Profile.

The Your School Profile™ team understands that school professionals are busy with so many other tasks, that we wanted to provide a streamlined method of finding, creating, editing and sharing. The YSP™ platform continues to evolve as we listen to all the users of our platform. We want to continue to provide a solution for you and if there is a component missing that you would like integrated, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Our Timeline

The idea of developing a process for helping the development of a School Profile was formed by JeanMarie Buckley, long time school based counselor.


Your School Profile was legally formed and our YSP graphics were created. We attend our first NACAC conference in Denver.


We started work to further research and discuss solutions to simplify the School Profile creation and sharing process.


Your School Profile is U.S. Trademarked.


We work with our constituents to detail the value, importance and relevance of creating a dynamic School Profile.


We’re excited to work with our software development team in creating a web based portal for sharing and creating Your School Profile™.


We are developing partnerships to further our seamless process of supporting schools.

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