Saving to PDF

Creating Your PDF

The Saving Option

Endless Editing

Once Your School Profile is saved you can go back and edit anytime you need for any reason.

The Your School Profile account is yours to use for 365 days (one more day on a leap year).

We save Your School Profile on our database for your editing from year to year.

Who Can Access Your School Profile?

When creating your school profile, you have the option to maintain private access until your profile is ready for public viewing.  This is an important aspect for those high schools that are using the YSP templates.  Once your school profile is public, the registered colleges will be able to view.

We recommend to keep the profile in Private mode using the “School Profile Settings” page until it’s ready to share.

Contact Us

We know that questions will arise as you begin to use this platform. Please do not hesitate to
contact us at for any assistance you need.