Navigating the Site

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Once logged into the site, you’ll see this menu of options.

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Sign Up on the Site and Getting Started

login/signup menu options

To log into the site, you’ll see two places where you can do this:

  • The first place is at the top right side of the home page.
  • The second place is midway down the home page.

Both options will take you to the Sign Up page.

Create an Account

Membership Levels

When you’re click on the Sign Up or Getting Started links noted above, you’ll get to the Membership Page.

  • For High Schools (Secondary) select Level School
  • For Colleges and Universities select Level College/University

Once you’ve set up your account with all of your credentials, you’ll have access to the editing for the creation of your School Profile.

Profile Elements

profile elements

The Profile Elements is a link to a page that provides the basic essential components of a school profile.

Profile Formats

profile formats

The Profile Elements is a link to a page that provides access to examples of the Your School Profile™ template for a two-page, three-page and four-page School Profile.

Profile Guide

profile builder icon

The Profile Guide is the place where these instructions live. As we receive feedback from the Your School Profile™ user, this page will, undoubtedly develop!

Contact Us

We know that questions will arise as you begin to use this platform. Please do not hesitate to
contact us at info@yourschoolprofile.com for any assistance you need.