Questions and Answers

We know there will be questions and we’re here to answer them!

Why use the Your School Profile™ platform?

We believe that having a platform that is easily accessible by all factions of the school community. For example, a school’s profile incorporates data, anecdotal information, contact information and unique school curriculum. To have one access point in which multiple members can provide data creates less time and anxiety in the development of this essential, contextual document.

Additionally, one unique facet of the Your School Profile™ platform is the sharing option with colleagues and college/university admission professionals.

Why not use a graphic designer that we personally hire?

The School Profile is essential for providing context to a student’s academic record. The document is not intended to be a piece of marketing material. While the elements of a School Profile does help potential families understand a school’s academic, social and familial culture, the most important recipient is the admission or scholarship representative reviewing a student’s application.

What is the value of a School Profile?

A School Profile is imperative to understanding the educational opportunities available to the student. Whether an academic record is being reviewed by a college admission professional, a scholarship organization or by another high school in a transfer, a School Profile provides the understanding of the school’s setting, the programs offered, the statistical baseline (sAT, ACT, AP, IB and the like), as then understanding the opportunities a student took advantage of while attending said school.

How difficult is the editing feature in develop Your School Profile™?

Like any new program, there is a learning curve. But, we would like to believe that the learning curve is minimal. The editing feature, with the saving feature, with the PDF feature makes this platform, a win, win, win option for schools.

Who is behind the development of Your School Profile™?

Our President, Jean Marie Buckley, M.Ed, MPA worked as a school based counselor, department chair of counseling and held countless positions within a school’s counseling infrastructure and administration while working in the public school system. Creating the School Profile annually was daunting, time consuming and more than not, delayed. It has been the goal of Ms. Buckley to provide a platform that is solely for school based counseling departments. Your School Profile™ has received a virtual standing ovation from school counselors across the globe.

Have questions? We’re here to answer them.

We know that questions will arise as you begin to use this platform. Please do not hesitate to
contact us at info@yourschoolprofile.com for any assistance you need.

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