Questions and Answers

We know there will be questions and we’re here to answer them!

1. What will information will I be able to view

The Your School Profile platform requires login credentials.  These login credentials are designed to provide a college/university with ready access for the entire database of created or uploaded School Profiles.

Any person who is provided with the login credentials will have access to the comprehensive database of School Profiles.

2. Will I be able to see every high school in the U.S.? International

The School Profile database is a comprehensive list of schools that have opted to create and store their School’s Profile.  Additionally, a school may upload their current School Profile for ready access by colleges/universities.

The Your School Profile platform provides access to create or upload their School’s Profile from schools across the globe.

3. Download information

Once registered with the Your School Profile platform, a college/university will have access to view or download the selected School Profile.

4. Is the membership annual?

The Your School Profile membership is an annual membership.  This annual membership provides full access to all the School Profiles within the database.  An annual membership begins the day the membership is approved and continues for a calendar year.

5. What does my membership cover?

The Your School Profile membership covers access to all School Profiles uploaded or created in the platform.

6. Can more than one person have access to the YSP account?

The login credentials can be shared with whomever the college/university would like to share the credentials with.  There is one login credential for each membership account.

7. How do I pay for the account

An annual membership account can be purchased by credit card for instant access to the platform.  Additionally, a college may request a purchase order or pay by check.  The access for purchase order or by check will take longer, as the YSP billing department must authorize the payment before providing access to the platform.

8. Why do I need access when I can get this information from a school’s website?

School Profiles exist in many variations.  Some School Profiles are on a school’s website, some are printed and available only from the high school’s registrars office.  The School Profile provides the essential understanding of a school’s infrastructure to make an informed admission decision.  The importance of the School Profile is paramount to understanding a school, a student and an admission decision.  Additionally, a School Profile is needed to understand a school even before a student applies.  In other words, how does a school (and the student’s within) receive the needed attention from a college/university to ensure that equity reigns in the admissions process?  The School Profile provides this one place, this easy access to School Profiles from across the globe.

9. Why was YSP created?

The Your School Profile platform was created to connect high schools with colleges and to ensure that colleges understood the dynamic populations that exist even before a student applies.

It was from the origin and continues to be to this day, the focus of YSP to connect students with colleges even before a student engages in completing an application.  College admission offices have a daunting task to find the right students and the way that that process begins is with a sophisticated and clear understanding of a school’s demographics; also known as the School Profile.

10. 2017-2018 School year – Introductory Price

Your School Profile has existed since 2012.  In the 2015-2016 school year the Your School Profile platform enhanced their site to ensure high schools could create their School Profile online and have one place that their School Profile existed.  In the 2017-2018 school year, from direct feedback from colleges, the Your School Profile platform went through a second enhancement providing a FREE platform to create and upload a high school’s Profile and paid, membership access point for colleges to attain the School Profiles.

This introductory price for the 2017-2018 academic year (August 1, 2017 to July 31, 2018) is $2499.

11. How often is database updated?

The Your School Profile database is a dynamic platform allowing schools to create and upload their School Profile at anytime throughout the year.  As such, colleges will have access to any new accounts created by high schools throughout their annual membership.

As schools shift and change from year to year, having access to a school’s profile annually is paramount to understanding a school’s infrastructure and dynamic features.