YSP is the one place where admission offices can locate School Profiles

The Your School Profile Platform was created to provide a streamlined system by which high schools could freely share their School Profile with colleges. Our sole intent was to provide a place, a singular location where the School Profile could be creating using our templates or by uploading your school’s current School Profile.

Why use the YSP Platform?

We understand the limited budgets of high schools and as such, we provided a membership for high schools that is free to access and free to maintain.

Colleges will have a membership that will allow full access to the School Profiles. There is a fee associated with this membership.

Equity in the Admissions Process

The College admissions process is focused on finding students that will match the mission of the institution and more importantly find students who will succeed. The School Profile is the only document that provides this contextual information for the college admissions viewer to fully understand the educational environment in which the applicant attended.


The School Profile is needed to identity high schools that are not yet on a college’s radar. The School Profile provides the social, economic and academic infrastructure of a high school and as such, provides the story by which a college can define the outreach plan and ensure equity in the admissions process.

Finding a High School

The old fashioned, and dare we say, archaic process of finding a School Profile is tasking a young admission staff member to seek the School Profile by calling, searching a school’s website or relying on an outdated School Profile.  The Your School Profile platform houses each high school’s uniquely defined School Profile.  A college can access the ever growing, dynamic system for an updated School Profile.

Where is a School Profile found?

A School Profile accompanies a high school transcript as part of an applicant’s process.  But, this is when the applicant has identified the college.  A School Profile is used to identify high schools and for that reason, our platform is essential for colleges to identify high schools within the outreach process to maintain equity and admission for all.

What is the purpose of
a School Profile?

The School Profile is updated annually and is the compulsory document, which brings a contextual understanding to an applicant’s high school academic record.